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Respiratory Health Massage

Goal: To improve breathing due to illness or bad posture

Poor posture has led to a dysfunctional breathing pattern. This results in shallow breathing, headaches, anxiety, temporomandibular disorders (TMD), and decreased cervical or thoracic range of motion. Functional breathing is more than having healthy lungs; posture also plays a substantial role. As we see more forward-head posture and lower-body cross syndrome, the integrity of our structure is disrupted. The ripple effect it has on our ability to breathe is profound. Inflammation can be found in the surrounding muscle tissue from continuous coughing, wheezing or shallow breathing. It can restrict the movement of blood, lymph, oxygen and other vital nutrients.

Cups placed on the chest and upper ribs with the client supine

Cupping for respiratory health can help clients breathe better. We have designed a 45min session that targets the neck, chest, ribcage, diaphragm and back. The goal is to decrease pain in these muscles from coughing, respiratory illness or bad posture. Client must have recovered from being sick and not be taking antibiotics. Cupping therapy is part of this treatment but can be opted out, in such case, we would spend more time manually working on the above mentioned muscles. This session is not for pregnant clients.

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