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Nursing mothers posture matters

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Improper breastfeeding position can contribute to pain in your neck and back. Sustained forward chin movements or craning of your neck, lengthens and strains the neck muscles. This strain accumulates over time, leading to soreness and tightness over your neck and upper back.Here are some tips you can try out.

  • Make sure you sit well supported, preferably with a high back chair or using pillows to support behind your back (place pillow vertically).

  • A footstool to raise your lap, if your feet is not resting firmly on the floor and the baby is not high enough to feed.

  • Place a pillow or two on your lap to support your baby (so baby lay at chest level), draw your shoulder blades back and keep your chin in as you bring your baby towards you for nursing. Experiment with the placing of pillows to achieve the most comfort. Alternatively,there are several “nursing” pillows on the market that help raise baby to a comfortable height and position. Whatever position you choose to nurse in, make sure you have a good posture and feel comfortable.

  • Have frequent short breaks (about 30s) while breastfeeding to stretch your neck.

  • Place hot packs around neck and upper back for about 20 minutes each time. Alternatively, try showering with warm water over the neck and upper back where it is sore.

  • Avoid looking down at the baby the whole time

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