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Fertility massage and its benefits

Fertility massage is recommended for anyone that is trying to conceive. The differnce between a regular session and a fertility massage is that there's a lot of pelvic and possible stomach body work involved. We schedule the sessions at the time of the fertile period. We stimulate the reproductive organs by massaging the muscles in the area with essential oils. The goal is to increase blood and energy flow, while promoting elimination of stagant blood and energy in the area.

The key is stress management for optimum fertility. We aim to calm down the nervous system and realign the hormones by relaxing the body to be more disposed for fertiltiy.

Your part will be to make lifestyle changes. Improve the quality of your diet, exercise and sleep. This will contribute to improving the odds of conception.

The treatments plan we recommend is to schedule 3 massages during the fertile window every month for 6 months. If pregnancy is not accomplished at that time, at a minimum, you will be less stressed, healthier and happier.

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