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Using Massage to Manage Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic girdle pain, or PGP commonly affects women during pregnancy and just afterwards.

It is usually caused by muscular spasm in the muscles that attach the thigh, abdominal or low back muscles to the pelvis bones .You feel the sensation that something is both stuck, and very painful, which can be scary and stressful and prevent you from sleeping comfortably.

Since the affected muscle is often in the groin, many women will limit their stride to tiny steps which can cause other muscles to fatigue.

Some women will start limping, by hitching up a hip to avoid swinging a leg too much because it hurts the groin area. Others will reduce the amount of swing from both hips, and use their back to create side to side momentum to help swing each leg through when walking, causing additional back pain.

As your body produces the hormone relaxin, to soften your pelvis ligaments in preparation for birth, your hip and back joints loosen, which cause the muscles moving the joints to shorten and tighten or spasm painfully.

How can you treat it?

Massage can be extremely helpful to relieve the target muscle strains and spasm in the groin, buttock or back as well as help to length

en all the other muscles around the pelvis to help your body adapt to the increasing weight of your baby down through your pelvis.

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